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One last thing id like to say. I think you are the most wonderful doctor I have ever had the chance to meet. There aren't many doctors that would go out of his way on a saturday, to help a person without much money. If there is anything i can do for you please dont hesitate to ask. 


I must apologize for not sitting down and taking a moment to write this letter, especially after all you've done for me. Thank you for the time and concern you devoted to my case. The resulting change is amazing. 

Pat. H., Orthognathic Surgery

I would like to express my appreciation on the fine work that you performed. With each day I like my new nose more and more. I must admit you are a superior doctor and I am quite pleased. I would also like to add that you have a staff that is extremely pleasant.Many Thanks

Pat R., Rhinoplasty

Just a brief note to thank you for helping us out with my son's wisdom teeth. I just cannot believe that you got those teeth out so quickly and that there was absoutely NO swelling. To look at him, you could not have noticed that he had surgery.

Del, Wisdom teeth

Who would have guessed that surgery would be so easy, that it would be so painless! The whole experienve was so pleasant, it was worth it, and i am so thirlled that we did it! Your staff made me feel comfortable and at ease: all of you are wonderful! I dont think i can adequately put into words how happy I am. Finally, I feel pretty, and like you said it keeps getting better. Not only do I think you are a very nice person, but you are incredibly talented... you change lives!Lynn C

Lynn C., Rhinoplasty


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