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Cancer Removal



Graper Facial Instute is proud to offer Cancer Removal procedures.


Prior To Procedure


The first step is to schedule personal consultations with Graper Facial. Communication is crucial in reaching your goals. You will have the opportunity to express your goals and the results you'd like to achieve. Together, you and your surgeon will reach an understanding about what you can expect from this procedure and the long-term benefits you will experience. Every patient is different, and your surgeon will choose the surgical technique and treatment plan that is right for you. During the initial consultation, you should expect:



      To provide a complete medical history, including information

about previous surgical procedures; past and present medical conditions; and any medications or herbal supplements you are taking.


      Your surgeon to conduct a complete physical examination.


      To have measurements and photographs taken for your medical record.


      To discuss the potential reconstruction options pertinent to your specific situation.


      To discuss possible risks and complications of the procedure.






Reconstructive options range from local tissue rearrangement ("flaps"), to skin grafts, to complex transfer of skin, bone and/or cartilage to achieve optimal facial balance and symmetry. With your guidance, your surgeon will choose the optimal reconstructive option for your particular needs. The surgeon will attempt to balance the complexity of the reconstruction with your desire for final outcome, to achieve the best possible functional and aesthetic results.