Cancer Removal and Reconstruction (MOH’s)

What is MOH's surgery?

It is the excision of a cancer spot from the skin, followed by the detailed mapping by microscopic examination and complete examination of the cancerous tissue and the margins surrounding it. If the margins are indeed cancer-free, the area is then reconstructed. Reconstruction is performed by the surgeon in an effort to minimize scarring and show no signs of surgery. Moh's surgery pinpoints the cancer cells which allow the doctor to treat the affected area with a 99 percent cure rate for most skin cancers. This is considerable higher than other methods, and allows the patient to resume daily activities sooner.

One advantage of Moh's surgery is the ability of the surgeon to microscopically examine all tissue edges, and then the Moh's surgeon can tailor the size and depth of the surgery. If the surgeon thinks the cancer is thin and non-invasive, the surgeon can take a small amount of tissue leaving less reconstruction. If a shallow cancer spot requires less tissue to be removed, the area can be treated without sutures. 

More information can be given in regards to the patient's specific needs after a consultation is completed with the Moh's surgeon. Contact us for more information and to set up your consultation.

The pictures below show the cancer spot on a nose, the removal of the spot, and the reconstruction of the affected areas. This is an example of an invasive cancerous spot that was in need of major Moh's surgery.

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